Our Story

Suitable has been founded to leverage the internal strength of a company, its team. What makes a company great are the People. Utilising their strength is the biggest contribution for any organization. Many organisations fail to understand and harness the potential of their employees. That is where Suitable comes in. Founded by an experienced team of technology enthusiasts, Suitable aims at making companies more team-oriented.

By the time students reach sixth grade, absence becomes a leading cause of drop out. With their mission solidified, Joanna and a team of experts spent two years gathering research and collaborating with educators in the Boston Public School system and charter schools in order to build an intervention support system approved by teachers.

Since those early days of collaboration, AllHere has evolved into a mission-driven startup. We now turn interventions into outcomes for students — helping teachers, school leaders, data analysts, social workers, counselors, and attendance teams around the U.S. AllHere have tracked over 130,000 interventions to make the data accessible for earlier warning signs and opportunity recognition.

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