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1.Why Suitable?

From the Cofounders:

We worked in big organisations which offered hefty referral bonuses but still we never referred anyone. Best of our teammates were hired through connections and not through job boards. Most vacancies are filled much before they hit public job market. Still there is no organised manner of referrals in majority of companies

2.How does Suitable save my time and effort?

Suitable gives recruiters access to broader, diverse pool of data derived from your teams’ connections. This creates an exclusive talent pool for the organisation which grows with your team size. Suitable also saves all your applications in an easily accessible data pool for future hirings. It saves the time of your employees as they don’t have to actively search for talent from their networks every time a new job is posted. Suitable also filters incoming applications based on your job and saves the screening time.

3.Is the data of my contacts encrypted?

Yes. Your data is encrypted on Suitable.

4.Can I opt out of sharing networks anytime?

Yes. You can opt out of sharing your contacts anytime. On doing so, your data won’t be visible to the hiring manager.

5.Are you dependent on any private company API for fetching data for your services?

No, Suitable only takes data from publicly available data.

6.Is Suitable GDPR compliant?

Yes we are. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective bringing new global data protection rights for individuals in the European Union. Suitable wholeheartedly supports the privacy rights of its customers and their users and achieved compliance by the May 25, 2018 deadline.

7.What are the ways in which employee referrals are taken care of by companies?

Currently most companies reply on employees’ availability and time to seek referrals. In some organisations, setting up successful employee referral programs are very helpful.

8.How do I remove network connections or remove my account?

You can login to your account and opt out any time you want to.

9.Why would I participate in referral program?

Hiring the right talent is something that benefits everyone in a company

It helps in creating a better work environment, minimizing distraction from getting things done, increasing the value of equity for everyone, maintaining a competitive advantage, increasing creativity, employee longevity, and all the other benefits that having the best teammates add to a team.

Not to mention how important it is for your own growth to work with great people.

As far as how it helps you specifically, for less than 3 minutes of your time, you can:

Help your team find and hire better talent faster which helps you grow, stay ahead of the competition and increase the value of your life and equity.

Earn in referral bonuses.

Help your contacts get a better job. If they’re not interested, they usually know someone who is and are flattered you thought of them.

Lower the chance of a bad hire, increase the probability of good hires and save yourself time on hiring activities.

Have a searchable and email-able database of all your contacts across all your social address books in one place. And easily stay in touch with your contacts.

10.Does Suitable share my contacts with anyone?

No.Suitable does not share your contacts with anyone.

11.Can Suitable view my social networks? Am I giving away my privacy?

No, Suitable only works with the data you explicitly agree to share. Suitable does not, and will never read into your networks. Data saved on Suitable is encrypted and we do not have any access to it.

12.How do I contact a good potential candidate?

You can either request a intro from your employee or directly message the candidate on Linkedin.

13.Can I filter potential talent by references?

Yes you can filter the potential talent pool by selecting the referee’s name.

14.What is the difference between datapool and potential passive talent ?

Suitable saves all the incoming applications in a datapool for future hirings. Once a job is posted any relevant candidates are flagged from the data pool. Potential data pool is the list of contacts from your employees social and professional networks.

15.How to track my referrals?

You can login to your account and track referrals from there.

16.Do I need a separate account for the leaderboard?

No, You don’t need a separate account for the leaderboard.

17.How does leaderboard tracking work? Who manages the leaderboard?

Points are awarded based on referrals, and successful hires. A rank is awarded on the basis of aggregate score. Leaderboard is updated automatically and no changes can be made manually.

18.Who can see the leaderboard?

Leaderboard is visible to the Hiring manager, Employees’ and also is having a public link which the organization can choose to share with anyone.

19.How often is leaderboard updated? How can i make changes to the leaderboard?

Leaderboard is updated in real time based on actions taken by employees and hiring managers. No changes can be made from the leaderboard itself.

20.What is leaderboard?

Suitable tracks all your team referrals and rewards points based on referrals and successful hirings. Leaderboard is a public page where all team members can view their score and compete with other team members.

21.Do I need to move my hiring processes from my earlier ATS?

No, you can continue to hire with your current ATS. Suitable complements your hiring process by streamlining employee referral process. Also, suitable integrates with your ATS on demand.

22.How do I keep track of rewards?

You can see the top referrals on Suitable and choose to reward them.

23.How do I keep track of referrals?

Each job application on Suitable is trackable from source.

24.How do I keep track of hirings?

You can keep complete track of your hiring process on Suitable platform. You can see the candidate stage (Application, Shortlist, Interview, Offer or Hired). You can see the sources of applications to track the same.

25.How can I edit the job once it is posted?

You can edit the job from My jobs page.

26.How to track referrals from external persons?

Suitable allows you to keep track of referrals from all persons inside and outside the organisation in the same manner. External people however do not appear on the team leaderboard.

27.Can External people also refer talent for my job?

Yes, Suitable allows you to share your job opening with persons outside the organisation. It also tracks their unique links to applicants referred by external referrers.

28.How do i contact a passive candidate? What if I don’t have their email?

Suitable tries to find the email id of connections if it is publicly available. In case it is not available, you can connect with them on Linkedin. Suitable also gives an option to employees to add the contact details of potential networks manually.

29.How to invite my team?

Once you have uploaded the team details in .csv format in the team directory, the list of your employees will appear in your dashboard. They will be sent an automatic invite at this step.

30.How to add my Linkedin connections?

To add your connections, sign in to your Suitable account and follow the simple steps.

31.How to set up searches for Best candidate matches?

Suitable gives you an advanced search options. You can search potential talent by using Designation/ position, Location or Skills.

32.Can I search talent from previous applicants on Suitable?

Yes. All your applications are saved in a datapool for future hirings. Whenever a new job opening is created, our AI will screen previous applications and flag the relevant ones for your reference. You can then add those candidates to your hiring pipeline if you deem fit.

33.How does suitable screen good talent?

Our AI algorithm matches candidate resumes against the job requirements and provides a score to each candidate accordingly. This saves time and effort of hiring managers in screening the best talent out of all applicants.

34.Does Suitable Integrate with my ATS?

Yes, Suitable integrates with leading ATS on demand. Small and medium sized organisations can also use Suitable as an ATS. It has all the basic features of an ATS.

35.Who rewards the referrer?

The organisation rewards the referrer, if they choose to do so. Suitable provides a transparent and automated system to manage the process.

36.How does referral rewards work?

Score is allocated for referrals, and hired candidates. Based on your score, you will get rank which you can see at the leaderboard. Each organisation sets its own rewards for referring candidates.

37.How many referrals can one employee make?

There is no limit to how many referrals one employee can make. You can read about how to make your referral process more engaging here.

38.How accurately does suitable find the data about my employees connections?

Suitable takes data from publicly available sources of data. We try our best to find as much about a personal professional history as possible. We are constantly improving our search algorithms.

39.Can suitable help me find details of any person, even if they are not in my employees network?

Can suitable help me find details of any person, even if they are not in my employees network?

40.What happens to passive talent pool of an employee when they leave our company?

Employees can opt to disconnect networks or remove specific connections at any time. Thereafter, the removed data will not be visible on the recruiter dashboard.

41.What is Suitable ?

Suitable is a technology platform that lets recruiters connect with potential talent through their employees’ social and professional networks.

42.Where does Suitable get the data?

Suitable uses publicly available data sources to create a professional summary of your connections.

43.Can suitable contact my connections without my permission?

No. Suitable does not contact, message or reach you to your connections in any manner. Your data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone at Suitable. You can see your privacy page for more.

44.How does Suitable help in reaching out to passive talent?

After your employees have connected their networks, thereafter as a hiring manager, you can view and seek referral for potential candidates from your employees. This enables you to connect with potential passive talent.

45.Does Suitable depend on my employee activeness ?

We understand that employees are often unable to spare time to actively engage in the hiring process. Suitable aims to make employees an integral part of the hiring process without seeking proactive engagement from them. We only require 5 minutes of the their time for connecting their networks. Thereafter, hiring manager can browse talent and seek referrals for open positions.

46.How does Suitable leverage employee referrals?

Once employees have connected their networks, Suitable can automatically list relevant details of their connections in the recruiter dashboard. This is where hiring managers/recruiters can view pool of potential talent. Suitable is a platform that acts as a scout for your business.

It deep dives into the hidden talent pool by letting your team members connect their social and professional networks, and find the best candidates from there.

It leverages the power of friendships and networks in getting warm introductions to possible future candidates.

It saves the time of your team members in finding who is the most relevant person in their networks for your jobs. At the same time, it lets the potential applicants get a friendly message from their known person, making them more likely to apply for the job.

People like it when you think about them, especially for a relationship-building opportunity, and Suitable helps in building that social value.

It is predominantly used by the hiring managers, who earlier were dependent on employees’ referrals.

Employees’ use it to connect their networks and message their connections. They also compete on the leaderboard to see who can benefit the company the most.

Hiring becomes a team effort with suitable. “

47.Is Suitable a hiring platform/job board?

No, job boards provide you with outreach for your job opening by showing it to candidates registered/visiting their platform. Suitable however is very different from a job board. It creates an exclusive pool of potential talent for your organisation, from your employees social and professional networks.

48.Who can use Suitable?

Suitable works best for organisations looking to make long lasting world class teams. Recruiters, hiring managers, founders of high growth startups benefit from Suitable.

49.How is Suitable different from an ATS?

Suitable aims to create an exclusive pool of potential talent for your organisation through your employees’ social and professional networks. Suitable has basic features of an ATS, i.e. Applicant Tracking System and helps in hiring workflow management for small and medium sized organisations. Suitable is a additional source of talent and can integrate with your current ATS to streamline your hiring process.

50.Why should I use Suitable?

Compared to traditional sources, applicants from team referrals have a better chance of getting hired and a higher retention rate. But due to complex and lengthy processes, employees refrain from making referrals for job openings, even from their vast network of connections. Suitable allows admins to access potential talent pool from employees’ connections and makes it super easy for employees to make referrals from their networks.

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