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How does Suitable leverage employee referrals?

Once employees have connected their networks, Suitable can automatically list relevant details of their connections in the recruiter dashboard. This is where hiring managers/recruiters can view pool of potential talent. Suitable is a platform that acts as a scout for your business.

It deep dives into the hidden talent pool by letting your team members connect their social and professional networks, and find the best candidates from there.

It leverages the power of friendships and networks in getting warm introductions to possible future candidates.

It saves the time of your team members in finding who is the most relevant person in their networks for your jobs. At the same time, it lets the potential applicants get a friendly message from their known person, making them more likely to apply for the job.

People like it when you think about them, especially for a relationship-building opportunity, and Suitable helps in building that social value.

It is predominantly used by the hiring managers, who earlier were dependent on employees’ referrals.

Employees’ use it to connect their networks and message their connections. They also compete on the leaderboard to see who can benefit the company the most.

Hiring becomes a team effort with suitable. “

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