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Build your initial team with referrals

$1 /month

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  • Upto 20 Employees
  • Upto 2 Recruiters
  • Upto 5 Active Jobs

Key Features:

  • Referral Management
  • Extensive Job Management
  • LinkedIn Network Sync
  • Slack Integration


Scale your referral & rewards program

$300 /month (billed annually)

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  • Upto 300 Employees
  • Upto 10 Recruiters
  • Upto 20 Active Jobs

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Custom Referral Forms
  • Multi-level Rewards
  • Gamified Leaderboard
  • ATS Integration


Make referrals your primary source of hiring

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  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Recruiters
  • Unlimited Jobs

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Unlimited Employees Onboarding
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Reward Store Integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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Integrate With Your Tools


Slack Integration

Accelerate your referral program with Suitable AI Slack app. Referrals, tracking & rewards - everything within the Slack app.


ATS Integration

Integrate your ATS to streamline recruiter workflows and automate your referral hiring.

Starter Growth Enterprise
Roles & Accounts
Admin 1 Admin 1 Admin 1 Admin
Recruiters 2 Recruiters 10 Recruiters Unlimited Recruiters
Employees Upto 20 Employees Upto 300 Employees Unlimited Employees
Referral Management
Customizable Referral Forms - Yes Yes
Customizable Multi-level Rewards - Yes Yes
Referral Leaderboard - Yes Yes
LinkedIn Network Sync Yes Yes Yes
Talent Vouching by Team Yes Yes Yes
Warm Intros to Team's LinkedIn Networks Yes Yes Yes
One-click linkedin profile referral Yes Yes Yes
Referral Status Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Reward Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Jobs Management
Job Postings 5 Active Jobs 20 Active Jobs Unlimited Jobs
Job Description Generator - Yes Yes
Candidate Resume Upload 500 resumes 5000 resumes Unlimited resumes
Job Pipeline Management Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Company Talent Pool Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Sharing & Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Diversity & Inclusion - Yes Yes
Internal Mobility - Yes Yes
Custom Recruiter Rights / Access - Yes Yes
Candidate Experience
Customizable Career Page Yes Yes Yes
Smart Job Application Form - Yes Yes
Job Application Tracking - Yes Yes
Customizable Email Templates - Yes Yes
Automated Candidate Communication Yes Yes Yes
Slack Integration Free Free Free
ATS Integration - One-time Integration Charge Free with Annual Plan
Reward Store Integration - - Free with Annual Plan
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Support - Yes Yes
Phone Support - - Yes
Dedicated Account Manager - - Yes
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