Suitable AI + Slack

Accelerate your referral program with Suitable AI app for Slack. Give referrals, get tracking, show rewards all in the Slack app.

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Your team can view active jobs and refer effortlessly from Slack

Respond to referral requests directly from Slack

Gamify referrals and show leaderboard ranks and rewards in Slack

Referrers can track status of all their referrals Hiring team gets notified of new referrals in Slack

Request introductions, respond to requests, and refer people from your networks

Connect and manage your network connections

Integrate Suitable AI App with your Slack Workspace

Setting up Suitable AI app for Slack is simple and quick.

Login to Suitable Dashboard > Settings > Preferences > Integrations , add the Slack integration – and that’s it! You can now manage your referrals quickly and effortlessly, right from Slack.

Need Support?

Find the Suitable AI bot in Slack at the bottom left-hand side menu under Apps Section. If it is not visible in the Apps section, click + Add Apps and search for Suitable AI.

Under the Home tab of the App, you can find list of all commands you can use. You can also type /help to find the list of commands.

Need help setting up the Suitable AI app for Slack, email us at