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What is Suitable AI?

Referral-based hiring has already become one of the most effective hiring techniques. It fills vacancies faster, is cheaper than conventional hiring sources, and, most importantly, helps retain new employees for a longer time.

There’s only one caveat—designing and implementing a referral recruitment strategy isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Most strategies lack a clear structure and automation that can potentially slow down the process. Organizations also struggle to engage employees within their referral programs and lose out on quality applicants.

Suitable AI solves all these problems. The tool is designed to help teams make the most of referral-based hiring without any bottlenecks. This blog will walk you through all that Suitable can do for you.

What exactly does Suitable do?

Employee referrals are a scattered landscape. Consider this: a company of 300 employees just announced a new vacancy and managers ask all employees to refer suitable candidates. Now, even if each employee responds with a minimum of 2 potential candidates, that’s still 600 applicants.

Ask yourself this: How many of the 600 applications are irrelevant?

That’s the exact kind of problem that Suitable can eliminate. The platform enables organizations to craft and deploy structured, engaging referral programs seamlessly. Suitable helps you:

  • Maximize employee engagement in the hiring process through gamification to increase the number and quality of referrals 
  • Bring more transparency in the referral recruitment process to update employees about the status of their referrals
  • Automate and streamline the hiring workflow to help organizations scale their referral-based recruitment 

And it does all this by catering to two main profiles: employers and employees.

1. Employer Profile

This part of the platform caters exclusively to the recruiting managers, enabling them to craft and tinker with every aspect of a referral program, such as:

  • Creating concise job descriptions through set parameters, including diversity preferences
  • Customizing specific parts of the referral form that reveal critical details about the candidate
  • Designing reward policies that recognize employee engagement rather than the final candidate outcome 
  • Assigning recruiter and referral permissions to standardize the hiring process and minimize any interference 

The main takeaway is that Suitable AI helps recruiters reward engagement rather than the final hiring result. Essentially, there are points for everything an employee does, even if it’s just signing up for the platform.

That builds a loop—people see that every bit of their referral effort is rewarded and continue to be involved with the recruitment process. The more employees participate, the higher the chances they bring in an exceptional candidate.

2. Employee profile

The platform’s employee profiles give your workforce all the tools they need to make referrals. For example, participants are notified whenever a new position is available. There are also structured channels that help people track the recruitment process—how far along the candidate is, etc. 

Additionally, platform-integrated Slack channels mean your employees don’t have to manually log in each time they want to refer a candidate. All supplementary activities, such as tracking and redeeming points, are also available on these channels. 

Another feature is the ability to import an employee’s digital network to the platform. This works in two ways:

  • Independently importing a specific candidate profile through web extensions
  • Importing the entire set of site connections directly onto the platform

Employees can even vouch for a limited number of referrals, giving them a slight advantage in the hiring process. Consolidating everything, Suitable AI increases the qualified candidate pool and allows managers to review anyone else they find interesting.

All of this is easily understandable through a demo – go for it!

The three core values of Suitable

Suitable is built on three foundational pillars:

  • Effectively leveraging of employee networks
  • Automating the process of referral recruitment
  • Gamifying the hiring workflow to make it engaging

Platform profiles already cover the first two values. The gamification process, though, needs a little more elaboration. In short, Suitable AI makes hiring a collaborative effort while also injecting a dose of healthy competition. That sounds contradictory, but it isn’t.

When employees refer a candidate, they choose the kind of reward they’d like to receive—monetary or otherwise. There’s also the option of adding point multipliers to help people rack up those rewards even faster. 

Additionally, a separate leaderboard tracks whoever has been the most successful at bringing qualified candidates into the organization.

While these additions can seem playful, they achieve two subliminal goals:

  • Creates urgency in the referral process by incentivizing your workforce 
  • Ensures referral quality by putting something significant at stake—employee rewards.

So, while platform profiles solve the issues of structure and automation in referral hiring, the gamification process addresses the more intangible problems—the quality of candidates and the urgency behind referrals. In doing these things, Suitable AI untangles the complications behind referral recruitment.

Power up your hiring efforts with Suitable AI

Referral recruitment is the latest innovation in the contemporary hiring landscape. Even with its associated challenges, it’s evident that this hiring method is on the path to becoming the most effective recruitment avenue. 

When paired with the right tool, employee referrals can take you closer to your talent acquisition goals. Suitable AI is that tool. 

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